People take better care of their cars than their bodies. Yet you can buy a new car… but not a new body! Why not learn how to best care for your amazing, hardworking body? Inspired Wellness is committed to lifelong wellness education, and pleased to offer informative, exciting opportunities to clients, potential clients and professionals.

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Our team members live by founder Kelly Hale’s mantra: “The day you lose a sense of awe and wonder in the workings of the human body is the day you need to get out of the profession.” We remain at the forefront of delivering the optimum in mind-body-enhancement, bringing the latest research and methodologies to our center! To learn more, please visit these sections:

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the life-long attempt to acquire it.”    — Albert Einstein

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Staying Connected to Peace and Joy throughout the Holiday Season
During this three hour workshop on Sunday, Nov. 17 from 3 to 6 p.m. we will help you go beyond “survival mode” and feel connected to PEACE and JOY throughout the hectic season. Using Brain Gym, we will easily INTEGRATE the nervous system to a state of BALANCE! Take away tools that you can use throughout the season!
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Experience the safest and most pleasant way to detoxify your body: Far-Infrared Sauna.

Sample the Infrared Sauna for free (first-time users only), every second and third Tuesday of the month. 248 227-1646 to schedule an appointment.

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Sign up within 2 weeks of your initial assessment and apply $50 of the assessment fee to your first 12-week package of group classes or to a 10 pack of private sessions.

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Seeking self-motivated, caring, OT and PT practitioners with holistic skills and interests. Learn more...