Since the 1990’s, Kelly Hale has been a visionary leader, guiding people along their path towards greater health and wellness.  Her patience, optimism and expertise have empowered thousands to move forward, gaining greater health - mind, body and spirit. 

Kelly brings a refreshing mix of experience, insight and passion, as she deftly combines rehab, holistic healing and movement science.  From her private studio in Bloomfield Michigan, she applies leading-edge, evidence-based knowledge, creatively guiding each person along their customized path.

Rehab, health and fitness professionals also benefit from Kelly’s exceptional knowledge. She traveled the country as a principal educator for Polestar Pilates for 10 years. She continues to inspire a deep study of Pilates and various health topics in other rehab and fitness professionals as a presenter at conferences and seminars across the country

Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Alma College and a Master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Indianapolis.  These degrees were only the beginning of her education as evidenced by her ongoing, insatiable study of diverse topics in the fields of movement, manual therapy, holistic healing and nutrition.  Kelly is grateful to have a deep, diverse tool box that she seamlessly weaves together for exceptional outcomes even for those in challenging health situations.  

She has studied various methods of Pilates and holds numerous certifications including the Pilates Method Alliance. In 2009, she became licensed as one of the region’s few integrative manual therapists. (IMT).

In 2005 she became certified and licensed in Brain Gym.  She also enjoyed embarking in a deep study of the Franklin Method and Muscle Activation Technique.


She lives in Bloomfield Hills Mi with her husband, young daughter and two rescue hounds. On her own path to greater health, Kelly enjoys being in nature with her family, dancing, making messes in the kitchen with her daughter and dehydrator, growing and fermenting vegetables, and practicing the holistic lifestyle she promotes.

CV available upon request

Snoopy was rescued from the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue and brought his “happy go lucky” energy to the Hale family in late 2014. He started working at IW in 2015. He is always happy to greet you with a sniff

and a vigorous tail wag. He is highly skilled at perking someone up and helping them reconnect to their inner JOY. His velvety ears are a great sensory treat that can calm and soothe the stressed soul. Snoopy can be

frequently seen leading napping workshops at IW.


Snoopy works part-time and is available by request. Just

ask for the “deluxe session”!

Lucy the Bloodhound is also a rescue and has been a part of the Hale family since 2012. She has very mellow energy (until she decides to “protect” the studio from dangerous leaves falling off the tree). She feels a Pilates mat is the perfect place for a nap. While she is now retired from IW, she can sometimes be seen surveying the property and guarding the studio. Having delivered many litters of puppies in her life before being rescued she has

an uncanny ability to sense when a pregnant Momma is at IW. She loves to show her support by sitting next to these lovely ladies.