Inspired Wellness' Kelly Hale (MS, OTR/L, IMT, c, PMA-CPT, Certified Body Ecologist) is proud to present an exciting new webinar on May 23, 2018 at 7:30pm EST called CULTURE SHIFT: BEYOND KOMBUCHA.


Walk into any market and you will see an array of colorful bottles claiming to be the magic elixir of life. Having a bottle of Kombucha in hand has become the fashionable accessory of hipsters, health achievers and those living the seemingly blissful organic life! Is it really the best choice for you?  


In this 90 min webinar we will discuss how you can easily and inexpensively introduce a multitude of probiotic rich, fermented foods into your life with the intention of truly promoting health and going beyond just looking the part with the “Booch” bottle in hand! Learn the why and how of SHIFTing into the CULTURED LIFE for your BEST life.


  •  An opening meditation: Embracing your GUT and releasing stress 

  • The Wisdom of the Ages: A brief history of cultured foods: 

  • Micro what???: Gut health and the microbiome~Scooby (SCOBY) who???: Kombucha and other cultured beverages  

  • Not your Grandma’s Sauerkraut: Cultured/Fermented Veggies

  • INNER ECO-SYSTEM: Introducing a few of the Body Ecology principles 

  • SHIFT into CROWD CONTROL: My unique system for easily and seamlessly incorporating these foods into your life right away!! 

This webinar will give practical tips on how to incorporate a CULTURE SHIFT into your diet whether you are eating a paleo, vegan, keto, GF, Auto Immune protocol or SAD (Standard American Diet). Cultured foods/good gut bugs don’t judge or discriminate!! 

$45 includes handout and recipes for coconut water kefir and cultured vegetables.

Please understand that Eventbrite will tax you a small convenience fee for your one-click payment online. However, if you would like to bypass the convenience fee, feel free to call me at 248-227-1646 to secure your spot and make a payment.   

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