“I see dance being used as communication between body and

soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.”

- Ruth St Denis

Through the years many dancers of various ages and levels have benefited from working with Kelly at IW. Some come in for rehab after an injury while others attend for “prehab” to improve their strength, flexibility and skills for dance while preventing injuries.

This holistic blend of work empowers the dancer to have greater awareness of the self-care required to dance many hours per week with less risk of injury. This allows for the dancer’s most valuable instrument, their body, to continue to reach new levels and sets the stage for the dancer to continue to connect to the JOY of movement in all forms for a lifetime! 

Topics Addressed Include:

  • Core stability and how it relates to posture and better turns.

  • Proper warm-ups to prevent injuries

  • Awa​kening the intrinsic muscles of the feet and foot/ankle self-care

  • Accessing proper turn-out

  • Fueling your body for optimal energy and consistent performance in class and on stage

  • How to access more flexibility

  • Introduction to body rolling, a small ball therapy, that lenghtens and stretches muscle and connective tissue

  • Preparing the nervous system for the "mental aspect of dance"; learn simple, easy, empowering tools to integrate your mind, body, and reflexes and decrease "performance anxiety"

"I'm Grateful for the gifts dance has provided

throughout my life and I'm continually honored to support dancers on their journey"

- Kelly Hale

Kelly has had the honor of working with many dancers helping rehab and prevent injuries. She has had a lifelong love of movement sparked by her first dance classes at the age of 4. She went on to dance on scholarship at Alma College. One of the many certifications she holds is the Body Arts and Science (BASI) Dance Specific Pilates Certification which involved spending a fascinating summer learning and growing at Cal State University, Long Beach with Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger. She continues to take dance classes for the pure JOY of it!