Michigan Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference

Frankenmuth, Mi Sat Oct 12th, 2019 11:30-1:30

Moving towards INtegration: Mind Body Practices in OT

INnate Connections: Uncovering the Wisdom of Reflexes in Pilates Yoga & Rehab

Sept 21-22, 2019 Pilates Loft Ann Arbor, Mi

Further Dates being established across the country


Today's movement modalities are brimming with opportunites to dive further into Mind/Body Health and allow for deep restoration and optimal function via Developmental Patterns and Reflexes.  In this 2 day Work IN seminar you will learn simple movements that can easily be incorporated into the movement modality of your choice.

Discover how homo-lateral vs contra-lateral movement can enhance or inhibit function and healing.  Explore how primitive and life-long reflexes can be incorporated into your programming to allow for improved balance, fascial connections, and trunk stability to name a few.   This gentle, yet powerful work is great for those dealing with: concussions, neurological challenges, chronic health conditions such as Lymes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibro, Auto-immune challenges and today's human condition of high stress and anxiety.  Go beyond just talking about the mind body connection and truly discover how to INtegrate the mind and body for transformative sessions!!! 

McEntire Pilates 2019 Education Summit

July 12-13, 2019 Rochester, Mi

More details coming soon!!

The Center for Women's Fitness Pre/Post Natal & Diastasis Course

Sept 13-14, Sept 15, 2019

This three day course course covers all the information from Pelvic Floor, Pre Natal and Post Natal Courses and healing exercises for Diastasis Recti, C section and Pubic Symphsis Derangement.


For more information and to register visit the center for women's fitness

Staying Connected to PEACE and OPTIMISM at YOGATHON

Fall 2019

at Karma Yoga 

$25 minimum donation to YOGA BY DESIGN FOUNDATION

Tickets at Yogathon2017.eventbrite.com

This "Inner"ACTIVE experience is filled with gentle movements that blend Brain Gym, meditation and other healing modalities to balance your nervous system and deeply reconnect your mind, body and heart space.  Bring an open mind, receptive heart water bottle, mat and notebook to record noticing experiences.  Empowering for all levels.  

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