Kelly Hale has been JOYfully providing inspiring presentations, seminars and keynote 

presentations at diverse venues locally and throughout the US since 1999. Her fun, engaging style is highly sought for educating rehab and fitness/wellness 

professionals as well as inspiring the wellness seeker toward a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. 


Additionally, Kelly has worked alongside corporations in order to inspire their employees with simple, effective wellness strategies that can be applied in the workplace.

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Do you have a unique health/wellness need? Custom topics are available to meet the needs of your group!


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Samples of Original Kelly Hale Creations:

  • Monkey Bars for the Brain ™


  • Innate Wisdom: Re-Connecting to our Earliest, Organic Movement Patterns for Vitality Through the Life Span ™

  • Grown Up Recess: Fun, Easy Self Care ™

  • UNGLUED: The Scap, Shoulder and Upper Spine Connection ™

  • Balanced, Mindful, Integrated: A New Kind of B.M.I. ™


  • The Pharmacy in your Refrigerator: Introduction to Body Ecology ™

  • SELF-CARE 101 ™


  • Holistic Self Care 101: Journey to Vibrant Health (6 hours) ™


  • Staying Connected to Peaceful Productivity ™


  • Staying Connected to Peace, Calmness and Harmony: A Self-Care Opportunity for Parents, Educators and Caregivers ™


  • Peace & Integration For Health, Wellness & Fitness Professionals ™

  • Introduction to Brain Gym: Connect to a Sense of Ease and Joy in Life ™


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Kelly Is Honored to Teach the Following 'Center for Women's Fitness by Carolyne Anthony' Courses:

  •  Pre & Post-Natal Pilates Specialist Program ™

  • Healing Excercises for Diastasis Recti, C Section and Pubic Symphasis Derangement ™

  • Pilates for Menopause ™


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A Few of the Groups Kelly Has Presented To:

Med Star Health Systems Baltimore

Pilates Method Alliance Annual Meeting 

University of Indianapolis-Post Professional Graduate Program

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Academy

Pilates on Tour Rehab Summit, Arizona

Polestar Pilates Conference

Academy of the Sacred Heart

Association of Independent Michigan Schools (AIMS)

Beaumont Hospital Women’s Conference

Cranbrook Schools

Schechter Wealth Strategies

The Relationship Institute

Michigan Holistic Nurses Association Fall Retreat

Exercise Etc.

MARS Advertising

Miro, Weiner, Kramer PLC

Michigan Occupational Therapy Association

The Bloomfield Hills Village Club

The Young Entrepreneurs Organization

The Taubman Group

The Center for Women’s Fitness

The Young Presidents Organization