Feeling Overwhelmed this Holiday Season?

Give yourself the GIFT of Holistic Self-Care (no matter how busy you are!)

You DESERVE time to devote to yourself this holiday season!!! I’ve put together this short and highly effective program to help you enjoy the holidays rather than just survive!! In three short sections you will experience self-care unlike ever before with a moving meditation, tips on enjoying holiday foods while staying healthy and a restorative movement program.  


This program includes three instructional videos:


1. PRESENCE: Drop into your body and release stress with this moving meditation that re-aligns your nervous system so that you can be truly present for the holidays.


2. LIGHT: Learn simple strategies for enJOYing holiday foods while staying committed to your health.


3.  COMFORT & JOY: Erase all that tension and stress being held in your body with this gentle restorative movement program!

I hope you can exchange the Stress for Self-Care this Holiday Season and Sparkle with me!

- Kelly Hale, Director of Inspired Wellness